Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get your site noticed and found on google and other search engines with your target keywords

So, you have a website and what you offer are available for new potential customers, you are very proud of how easy your site is to navigate and couldn’t ask for more… but it's not being seen? Where is everybody?

Some methods include paid advertising, articles, magazines, leaflets, or even email marketing and telesales. You could even pay for a pay per click campaign. Well, another method is getting yourself noticed on search engines, moving your website higher up on search engines to page one for your selected keywords.

At Orchestral Media Developments, we will work with you to increase the visibility of your website, attracting more customers and giving you a necessary edge over your competition. We listen to what you need, who your target audience is, what keywords you think would work and gather this information to work out a plan to suit your needs.

We are happy to guide you through everything you can do to help push your results, we love to share our knowledge and help save you money but if time is an issue, this is something we can offer as a service for you. We outsource our SEO to VC, you can meet their team here.

All our sites are developed with search engines in mind, we make sure we use all techniques so you have a website that is very easy for search engines to navigate and read, increasing the visibility of your website with clean, concise and beautiful code, search engines appreciate this and we do our best to make this possible. However, once your site is ready, there are other techniques to help push you higher on search engine results, which I have listed below.

Research of your keywords.

Keywords are used to help people find your site, we listen to your suggestions, then we'll do our research to find out which keywords relating to your phrases have the most interest. We'll then produce a list of suggested key phrases for your website, these keywords will then need to be written into your content (we will guide you through this process).

Competitor Analysis.

We'll have a look at your competitors, what keywords they're working with, what strategies they're using, how much interest they have, what their search engine positions are and what we can do to push you above them!


Now, let’s think about getting some interest to your site, search engines love to see other people providing links to your website. The more websites and people talking about your site,the more important your site must be and in return search engines will push you up a little more. We work with you to get links back to your website, by answering questions in forums, writing up articles about your services and linking to your site or requesting links back to your site from other relevant companies.

Social Media and Blogs.

You should, in the modern age, be using social media to connect with customers and improving your presence on the web. Even if you're completely unexperienced with technology, we'll help you set this up or even manage this for you, creating a buzz about your business, showing you are keeping up to date and offering multiple ways for your customers to keep updated. Search engines love to see this. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or any other social networking service.

Keeping your Content fresh.

It's good practice to always add content to your site or change details about any existing services, search engines know when you have changed something and if you keep your content unchanged for years, search engines will see this information as dated. As part of our SEO service, we will talk to you about any changes you may need when we feel it’s time.