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Orchestral Media Developments have been a reliable partner in our handheld game development. Allister and Anthony delivered top-notch audio assets on schedule and went out of their way to accommodate when we needed to scale back on the memory footprint that we had budgeted for audio. Working with OMD has taken the risk out of the audio development portion of our projects.

Bill Baffy, President Lucky Jump Games LLC

Awesome! The best sounding version of MicroMachinesV4. Thanks to the incredible Music and sound effects.

Will Davis, Head of Auidio Codemasters

Orchestral Media Developments posess a very strong understanding of audio requirements in the games industry. Their knowledge and organisational skills are key factors in our continuing success. Orchestral Media always does a great job, no matter what the circumstances.

Frederic Bibet, Producer Mistic Software

Working with Orchestral Media Developments is like a breath of fresh air. We find them to be a great development partner for HotGen as they are reliable, extremely flexible and always seem to deliver fantastic work. team seem to be able to nail licensed or original Audio every time, even under extremely tight memory limitations. We commend their work highly.

James Stewart, Producer, Producer HotGen Ltd

We had a great time working with Anthony and Allister on Football Director DS. Although this wasn’t the most SFX focused title the work they did was great and the music composed was brilliant and fit the title well. We look forward to further partnerships with OMD on other projects!

Simon Barratt, Director Four Door Lemon Ltd

Orchestral Media’s ability to not only nail a brief but to exceed expecations gives us as a developer huge confidence. Their composing and arrangement abilities are incredibly eclectic, mastering competant orchestral anthems, incidental peices and uplifting cartoon themes. Prolific and fast working, Orchestral Media Developments are communicative, flexible and a highly valued part of our development process

Mike Daw, Producer, Razorback Developments